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Operators & Fire Service

March 7, 2012 0

Behind every great show there is an amazing team of people. That team consists of pyrotechnic professionals that produce the show and fire service personnel that enforce state regulations. By working together we can produce […]

California pyrotechnician requirements

March 7, 2012 0

Pyro Spectaculars is dedicated to training the next generation of pyrotechnicians. Below, we’ve provided some information about California-specific requirements for pyrotechnic operators. If you have any questions about how you can start an exciting career […]

Become a Pyro Operator

March 7, 2012 0

We love what we do. It’s hard work, but the reward is in producing some of the biggest, most exciting fireworks and pyrotechnic displays in the world. If that sounds like something you’d like to […]

Operator Resources

March 7, 2012 0

Pyro Spectaculars by Souza has led the industry with a proven track record of safety. We train beginners and licensed pyrotechnicians annually. We offer classroom-style lessons to help interpret the applicable laws and regulations as […]

Professional Fire Service Resources

March 7, 2012 0

Pyro Spectaculars has always worked very closely with the State Fire Marshal’s office to ensure that California Fireworks Regulations provide accurate guidelines for the safe handling, setup and discharge of public display fireworks. We feel […]

National Fire Protection Association Codes

March 1, 2012 0

Pyro Spectaculars by Souza takes safety seriously. We work hand and hand with fire safety professionals all over the world to ensure that the highest safety standards are utilized. In particular we work with the […]

California State Fire Marshal – Title 19

March 1, 2012 0

Fireworks in the State of California are regulated by the Office of the State Fire Marshall. The State Fire Marshall is responsible for creating, maintaining and enforcing firework’s regulation. However, cities and counties might have […]

California Haz-Mat Driving

March 1, 2012 0

To receive license to transport hazardous materials, you must obtain special Haz-Mat driver’s licensure/authorization. This requires:Hazardous Materials EndorsementClass “C” Commercial Driver’s LicenseTSA background check and fingerprintUpdated Health Certificate For more information:in Southern California, Contact Margo […]