Fireworks in San Francisco come during a Spare the Air day

Fireworks in San Francisco come during a Spare the Air day

From: ABC 7 News

Crews were busy Saturday at San Francisco’s Embarcadero setting up for the New Year’s Eve fireworks show.

The show is scheduled during a Spare the Air alert day.

Some cities such as New York have banned fireworks due to air pollution concerns.

A team is setting up for two days on the Embarcadero for 15 minutes of fireworks and music over San Francisco Bay.

“Little bit of mystery behind them and mystique, they are beautiful and gorgeous. It’s just a fun way to celebrate anything,” said Jeff Thomas of Pyro Spectaculars.

Some are concerned that ringing in 2018 with a firework show isn’t exactly the best thing for air that’s already polluted in the Bay Area.

“Air quality is currently unhealthy in many parts of the Bay Area right now and the fireworks are not going to help improve the air quality situation,” said Bay Area Air District Spokesman Tom Flannigan.

The dry winter weather has caused more air pollution. Air district officials issue the Spare the Air alert for the next couple of days.
“The particles from these exploding fireworks linger in the air for quite some time especially with the conditions that we have right now. Calls condition cool temperatures that means air pollution is lingering in the air, said Flannigan.

Bay Area Air District spokesman Tom Flannigan says people sensitive to poor air quality should be mindful of bad air.

“I do encourage in these conditions for people to carry their inhalers if they know they have respiratory conditions, also consider not going to where the fireworks are being launched.” said Flannigan.

“Later on this afternoon, we will begin actual loading of the product and getting it in position, connected and ready to shoot,” said Thomas.

Those fireworks will be launched from a barge 1,000 feet offshore from Pier 14 on the Embarcadero. Unlike the foggy Fourth of July, Pyro Spectaculars are looking forward to seeing their hard work light up the sky at the stroke of midnight 2018.

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