Rialto is home to world’s largest fireworks company

Rialto is home to world’s largest fireworks company

By Michel Nolan, The Sun

From coast to coast, Pyro Spectaculars by Souza is ramping up for Independence Day celebrations.

The Rialto-based pyrotechnic company, one of the world’s largest fireworks companies, is known for the pyro musical production and sky concerts they produce across the world.

Led by Jim Souza, its fourth-generation president and CEO, Pyro Spectaculars is no longer the Inland Empire’s secret.

Nationally, it’s a big deal.

• 7 — the number of Pyro Spectaculars locations throughout the country. Headquartered in Rialto, Pyro Spectaculars also has locations in San Diego, Fresno, the San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento, Spokane, Hawaii and New York City.

• 400+ is the number of Pyro Spectaculars fireworks extravaganzas throughout the country to celebrate America’s independence, including Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hawaii.

• 60 — the number of vans ready and waiting at the company’s Rialto headquarters.

• 75 — the number of full-time employees at Pyro Spectaculars’ Rialto headquarters.

• 3,500 — the number of licensed-technician employees who fan out across the country for shows on July 4th weekend.

• 20-25 — the number of minutes a typical fireworks show lasts.

• 14 months — the length of time needed to prepare for a show.

• 5-6 — the number of people it takes to crew an average show. Crews vary according to size of the show (Macy’s New York needs 50 team members)

• 40,000 — the number of shells launched in Pyro Spectaculars largest show, Macy’s, where shells are launched from barges in the Hudson River.

• 2 feet — smallest mortar, golf ball-sized sphere.

•6 feet — largest mortar, basketball-sized sphere

— Compiled by Michel Nolan

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