Preparations underway for San Francisco's New Year's Eve festivities

Preparations underway for San Francisco's New Year's Eve festivities

Published: December 30th, 2019
From ABC7 San Francisco
By: Luz Pena

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — A new year means a new firework show and these crew members are working to bring San Francisco the best one yet.

“They’ll go up 1,500, 1,800 feet. You can’t really wrap your mind around it, it’s just something you are going to have to see. It’s going to be a bunch of big shells and they are going to feel like they’re right on top of you,” said show producer Pat Dyas.

This year’s show is extra special for Dyas. After 25 years of being the right hand to a well-known Pyro how producer, Tuesday, Dyas will lead SF’s New Year’s firework show.

“San Francisco has seen Jeff Thomas displays on the 4th of July and on New Year’s Eve for many years. Jeff retired this year and now the torch has been passed on to me and my colleague Matt,” said Dyas.

Dyas hopes to continue this legacy with a bang and a trigger in hand.

“You have to hold this button down and it’s called the Deadman and this button allows the system to shoot fireworks. If something goes wrong all that has to be done to stop the fireworks is to let go of that bottom,” explained Dyas.

The Deadman’s switch is held down for the entirety of the show. According to Dyas, that’s a total of 15 minutes and 25 seconds.

While the crew loads up the shells to place in the fireworks, across The Embarcadero, SFPD is also prepping for the big show.

“Non-discretionary time off so people are being called back into work and we are going to be patrolling the city on bike, foot, and vehicles. We have plainclothes officers and a heavy uniform presence. We are ready to go,” said SFPD Officer Adam Lobsinger.

San Francisco Department of Emergency says they’ll also have all hands on deck but want your eyes not only looking up to the sky but around you.

“If you see something, say something. Call 911 if you see something suspicious. Also with large crowds, it’s important to have a plan. It’s easy to lose track of people,” said SF Department of Emergency Management Director of External Affairs, Francis Zamora.

To sign up for emergency alerts around you, the SF Department of Emergency is encouraging those who will attend the show to text the phrase NYESF to 888-777.

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