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Operator Post Display Report
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You can use this system to electronically submit your show's post-display report to the company. This form has multiple sections which need to be completed in their entirety. You can save your progress as you go, by clicking the Save Draft button on the bottom of the screen. You will need informtion on the following:

  1. Show & Operator. Information about your show and about you.
  2. Display. Information and feedback on your display.
  3. Show Office. Information about where your show came from and the show producer you worked with.

This form should take you about 8 to 10 minutes to complete. Required responses are indiciated with an red asterisk. You will receive an email receipt of your submission. This information will be submitted to Pyro Spectaculars as well as the State Fire Marshall.

Questions? Comments? Please email postdisplay@pyrospec.com or call 888-477-PYRO.

Show Information

Information about the show name, location and date.
Fourth of July Spectacular, Damien High School Graduation, etc.
City of Los Angeles, San Francisco Giants, etc.
Please select the office that booked your show.
Please give us the approximate location of the show. Addresses would be preferred .

Operator Information

Please provide some identification information about the operator in-charge. This address information provided in this form will be used to issue payment.
This email will receive the form confirmation notification. It will not be used for any other purposes or shared outside the company.
888-477-PYRO x123