How you can listen along to the Torrance Beach fireworks show on your smartphone

How you can listen along to the Torrance Beach fireworks show on your smartphone

By Megan Barnes, Daily Breeze

Fans of the private Fourth of July fireworks show that has dazzled spectators over Torrance beach for the past 15 years can listen along to this year’s soundtrack on their smartphones.

At 9:30 p.m. Monday, the Pyro Spectaculars app will begin broadcasting the 20-minute, 27-second playlist as the first rounds of fireworks are ignited from a barge off the municipal beach, said organizer Robert Briles.

His mother, Jackie Briles, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years on the display, which began as a one-time tribute to her patriotic late husband in 2001 for friends and family, but became an annual South Bay favorite.

Briles decided to put on one last show to honor Jackie, who died in March at 95, and had been looking forward to her 16th fireworks display.

But instead of burning the playlist onto CDs and handing them out to tailgaters in the beach parking lot with instructions to hit “play” when the first round fireworks went off, this year, Briles decided to go digital. He connected with the makers of the free Pyro Spectaculars app, which is available for iPhoneand Android users.

On Monday night, spectators can open the app, tap “Available Events,” scroll down and tap “Briles Torrance Beach 4th of July Sky Concert” — which is second from the bottom — and then tap “Listen to live event” at 9:30 p.m. for the synchronized tunes.

Briles said the sound track will include some oldies to honor his mother, who kept the show going despite macular degeneration impairing her ability to see it, because of the joy it brought to so many others.

“This should be a much better deal, because anyone can listen to it on their phones while sitting on the sand,” Briles said.

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