Full Version of the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge Show

Did you miss the SF Golden Gate Bridge Show? Wanna see it again?? Check out this awesome video of the entire show, from the opening light curtain to the spectacular finale!

The Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary was a spectacular waterfront festival! Thank you to everyone who joined us on Sunday, May 27, and to all our partners who helped make the day a memorable one!

  • Event Production by Foghorn Creative – foghorncreative.com

  • Video Produced by Michael Coleman – colemanfilm.com
Audio Produced By Chuck Smith, Creative Director/KFOG and Lance Tipton

  • Fireworks by Pyro Spectaculars North pyrospectaculars.com
Lighting by Lightswitch lightswitch.net

  • Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy – parksconservancy.org